Our Towing Trucks in Owensboro, KY, Never Sleep!

Get 24/7 services from McCarty's Towing & Automotive Repair

You’re driving down the road on the way to a party and suddenly, your car starts acting weird. The next thing you know, you’re stuck on the side of the road in the dark with no relief in sight. If this sounds like your story, don’t worry! Comprehensive and reliable light and heavy towing services are only a phone call away.

Since 1973, McCarty's Towing & Automotive Repair has been helping Owensboro residents get off the roadway. We have the equipment, such as lowboys and Landolls, to haul small personal vehicles as well as large semi-trucks and industrial machinery.

No matter if you were involved in a wreck or you need your construction equipment moved across town, McCartys Towing & Automotive Repair is your best choice for quality services. Besides reliable towing, we can also fix any major or minor issues with your vehicle.

Don’t be stuck on the side of the Owensboro highway without dependable transportation when you can call McCartys Towing & Automotive Repair 24/7.